Current Locations

UPDATED 9/2/10

Adventure Island, Tampa FL
Small Dolphin (Royal Blue)

Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek MI
Giraffes (Orange)
Train Engine (Blue)

Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield IL
Alligator (Green)
Dolphin (Blue)
Eagle (Grey)NEW
Stingray (Red)
Gorilla (Black)
Kangaroo (Red)
Lion (Orange)
Penguin (White)
Bear (Brown)NEW

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, Madison GA
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck

Busch Gardens, Tampa FL
Elephant (Brown)
Flamingos (Pink)
Giraffes (Tan)
Gorilla (Black)
Rhino (Grey)
Tiger (White)

Central Florida Zoo, Sanford FL
Small Elephant (Grey)
Kangaroo (Red)
Maccaw (Blue)
3 Monkeys (Green)
Train (Red)

Como Park Zoo, St Paul MN
Small Lion (Yellow)
Gorilla (Black)
Sea Lion (Red)
Polar Bear (Light Blue)

Field Museum, Chicago IL
Apatosaurus (Green)
Triceratops (Light Blue)
Stegosaurus (Orange)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Red)

Gatorland, Orlando FL
Alligator Wrestler (Green)
Alligator (White)

Greenfield Village, Dearborn MI
Carousel Horse (Red)
Antique Car (Green)

Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn MI
1965 Mustang (Red)
F-150 Ford Truck (Green)
Antique Car (Black)
Henry Ford Statue (Grey)
Lincoln Bust (Tan)
Rosa Parks Bus (Green)
Train (Black)
Wienermobile (Orange)

Imagination Station, Toledo OH
Stegosaurus (Blue)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Silver)

Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville TN
Camel (Red)
Chimpanzee (Pink)
Small Elephant (Grey)
Giraffes (Tan)
Gorilla (Grey)
Grizzly Bear (Black)
Otter (Brown)
Panther (Purple)
Tiger (Orange)

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago IL
Cow (Blue)
Gorilla (Green)

Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa FL
Cockatoo (Purple)
Small Elephant (Grey)
Giraffes (Red)
Manatee (Grey)
3 Monkeys (Black)
Panther (Pink)
Penguin (Green)
Rhino (Green)

Metro Zoo, Miami FL
Camel (Tan)
Small Elephant (Grey)
Flamingos (Pink)
Giraffes (Green)
Koala (Blue)
Lion (Orange)
3 Monkeys (Red)
Tiger (Orange)
Stingray (Brown)

Miami Seaquarium, Miami FL
Beluga Whale (Red)
Small Dolphin (Dark Blue)
Killer Whale (Black)
Manatee (Grey)
Shark (Orange)
Sailfish (Green)
Sea Lion (Black)
Seahorse (Purple)

Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee WI
Bat (Black)
Elephant (Grey)
Tiger (Orange)
Giraffes (Red)NEW
Gorilla (Black)
Lion (Yellow)
3 Monkeys (Brown)
Polar Bear (White)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Purple)NEW
Triceratops (Brown)NEW
Apatosaurus (Grey)NEW
Stegosaurus (Green)
Pterodactyl (Blue)

Monkey Jungle, Miami FL
3 Monkeys (Brown)
Gorilla (Black)

Mote Aquarium, Sarasota FL
Seahorse (Brown)

Museum of Discovery & Science, Ft Lauderdale FL
F-16 Fighter Jet (Purple)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Orange)

Museum of Science & Industry, Tampa FL
Space Robot (Red)
Space Shuttle on Launchpad (Orange)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Blue-Green)

Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago IL
Space Shuttle (White)
Submarine U505 (Black)
Tractor (Green)
Train (Black)

Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City OK
Elephant (Grey)
Flamingos (Pink)
Giraffes (Orange)
Gorilla (Black)
Grizzly Bear (Brown)
Lion (Yellow)
3 Monkeys (Red)
Panther (Black)

Orlando Science Center, Orlando FL
Stegosaurus (Blue)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Red)

Pacific Science Center, Seattle WA
Butterfly (Purple)
Astronaut (Dark Grey)
Science Building with Arches (Dark Green)
F-16 Fighter Jet (Dark Grey)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Blue-Green)
Naked Mold Rat (Pink)

San Antonio Zoo, San Antonio TX
Alligator (Green)
Elephant (Grey)
Giraffes (Orange)
Gorilla (Black)
Koala (Blue)
Komodo Dragon (Brown)
Lion (Yellow)
Panther (Blue)
Polar Bear (White)
Sea Lion (Purple)

TECO Manatee Viewing Center, Apollo Beach FL
Manatee (Grey)
Dolphin on flipper (Blue)

Wonderworks, Orlando FL
F-16 Fighter Jet (Grey)

List compiled by B.Murphy


As of May 1st, 2010 the Milwaukee County Zoo has swaped out the Alligator for a Green Stegosaurus and the Flamingo for an Orange Tiger.
I am told more will be changed to dinosaurs as we get closer to the end of May for their dinosaur exhibit.

posted by John on 05.13.10 at 8:09 am

William A Jones as swapped out the red giraffe for a red manta ray at Brookfeild zoo. There is also a new machine on the way for the bear exhibit.


posted by Mark on 05.14.10 at 7:49 pm

Does anyone know where the Pirate Molsdarama with “Florida Turnpike” is exactly located? I woud take a trip to buy one of these.

posted by Ron Humphrey on 05.30.10 at 10:37 am

Hey Ron,
As far as I know there haven’t been machines on the Florida Turnpike for over 20 years or so. I remember getting them on the Turnpike as a kid on the way to my grandparents’ house. I have seen a few pirates from the Field Museum show up on eBay in the last couple months.
Hope that helps.

posted by Will on 07.18.10 at 11:11 pm

There is one seller now selling those Pirates from the Field Museum for $9.99 each plus $3.26 for shipping. He currently has 10 lightish blue pirates available from the Field Museum. Sounds like a good profit margin if anyone buys them from the greedy man–he’s not a collector, just a seller. I won’t bore you with a link, if you want one ebay search for mold rama.

posted by Vlack Veard on 08.03.10 at 8:27 am

The Mote Marine aquarium’s machine made a gray shark, back in 2007. I don’t know when it changed to the seahorse.

I found the cow-making machine in the farm exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo, but does anyone know where the gorilla-making machine is?

posted by Suzy on 08.10.10 at 9:21 am

I love the fact you have the locations list. I got my first one at Marineland in Palos Verdes, CA around 1975, (a dolphin)
Can you tell me if a locations list exists for California?

posted by Heather B. on 08.17.10 at 10:35 pm

Vlack– I’ve seen quite a few MARs up on eBay with a starting price of $9.99. Wouldn’t pay that for newer or current molds, and hopefully others don’t encourage that either.

Suzy– Mote Aquarium has had the grey/black shark for the last several years. They just switched to the seahorse a few months back. Not sure where the LPZ gorilla is located.

Heather– I think the LA Zoo was the last location in CA, but got rid of all of their machines a couple years ago. I was there in 2004 and they still had them, not sure exactly when they disappeared.

posted by Will on 08.24.10 at 12:26 pm

The Milwaukee County Zoo swapped out the kangaroo, koala, and panther machines for additional dinos. (purple T.Rex, grey brachiasaurus, and brown stegosaurus)

Kind of a bummer. I wanted that panther.

posted by Jane on 08.26.10 at 1:49 pm

We just went to Busch Gardens Tampa Labor day weekend…..we got a dark grey kangaroo, pink flamingo, black gorilla (one arm raised). Saw an elephant and a tan giraffe…….didn’t spot a tiger or a rhino…..

We also owned (yes, past tense) many more from the Lowry Park Zoo before my son of 4 demolished them……..

We have a light stegosaurus from the Orlando Science Center..

posted by Lisa on 09.06.10 at 5:43 pm

Wiki Wachee currently has a blue mermaid and a dark green alligator (allgiator was out of order when I went over the weekend).

posted by Amy Erickson on 09.16.10 at 2:24 pm

There is a ridiculous seller on ebay, with many recent mold-a-rama up on auction, advertised as being older. This seller is also claiming that there are no longer mold-a-rama machines anywhere in chicago. I doubt anyone will bid since they want like $80-100 for each figure. It’s pretty apparent that the seller recently went around the chicago area bought a bunch of them and is lying about them being super rare. Very sad!

posted by Dana on 09.18.10 at 12:36 am

I’m a historian and my small company The History Bank dabbles in all things history. We’ve specialized in world’s fairs and have become somewhat obsessed with MARs. I had several as a kid–in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair–and I’ve just stumbled into the current world. I’m doing research and we may do a book for the many collectors of MARs and of funky stuff in general. I’m probably much older than most of the folks I see collecting, but there’s no law against being a fat old historian; there are probably enough young ones! This site does a terrific job of listing locations, what’s in the machines, etc. and it’s this approach that I’d like to see+history in a book. I’ve just gotten serious and been trying to find folks like you who obviously studies and loves the things. I’ve bought many on ebay and you’re right about the mix of collectors and sleezy sellers and it’s occasionally tough to differentiate. This newest guy (9/23/10) on ebay is flat out lying–says machines are gone (doesn’t answer emails either). It’s tough for someone like me and myriad others with even less knowledge trying to figure out if ANY of this material is actually old such as the fairy castle. Like everything on ebay (we sell historical items too but focus on accuracy and honesty–novel concept!) it can be very difficult trying to sort out the 2-3 vintage pieces from the 10 someone is calling old. You see it in every genre of collecting–so sad that dishonesty abounds, but at least you can usually tell quickly–about 10 seconds w/some of these hot shots–whether you are talking to (or buying from) a serious collector or someone out to screw you. Thanks for providing this space and hope to hear from you re: book suggestions, for example. Best, Norm Bolotin (and I’m anxious to hear form any and all collectors who have history to share) PS I was able to mount a search and find about a dozen original 1962 Seattle World’s Fair Mold-a-Ramas and I was beyond thrilled. I never thought I’d find examples of these. I’d say that finding the 12 was during the 1990s primarily and thanks to collectors/hunters at flea markets before the internet and ebay was a factor for half and then the second half on ebay.

posted by Norman Bolotin on 09.23.10 at 11:12 pm

Just to let the community know I live close to the Orlando Science Center and I often pass by Gatorland if anyone needs something from there. Also Im looking for the astronaut as long as it has been around since at least 1980. Im trying to replace the one I had as a kid that I got from Kennedy Space Center in 79/80. Thanks!

posted by astronaut seeker on 10.19.10 at 1:06 am

I got most of the MARs at the Seattle Science center. (The stupid mole rat machine was out of order)

posted by GabrielHanson2000 on 10.24.10 at 11:41 am

Brookfield Zoo now has three holiday Mold-A-Ramas: A red snowman, orange reindeer, and blue angel.

Some of the other machines are different than the ones listed above and they’ve all been moved into the buildings for the winter. The rest are:
Silver eagle
Grey rhino
White standing polar bear
Black waving gorilla
Red kangaroo with baby
Green alligator
White penguin
Brown Bear
And supposedly a grey elephant, but the Pachyderm House was closed the last 2 times I visited.

posted by Jane Hanna on 12.16.10 at 11:53 am

According to some messages on the Oklahoma City Zoo’s facebook page, their Mold-A-Rama machines are being removed. Please join me in contacting them and asking that they keep their machines!

The OKC zoo is the only location in Oklahoma with MAR’s, and one of only two locations in the entire Southwest US.

posted by Clay on 12.20.10 at 3:48 pm

For what it’s worth: I went to the OKC Zoo on 12/24/10 and was informed that all of the machines are officially gone, not to return. Though the skeleton crew that was working wasn’t sure who took them or where they went.

posted by Alex on 12.29.10 at 1:00 pm

Does anyone know if the Mold-A-Rama’s at the Toledo Imagination Station are the same models previously located at the Lucas County Recreation Center in Maumee, OH?

posted by Mark on 01.14.11 at 7:32 pm

Machines at the Museum of Discovery and Science are gone when we last visited 12/10.

posted by Jeremy on 02.15.11 at 12:09 am

Went to the Central Florida Zoo in May 2011, They said they change them though out the year.
Monkeys (green)
Tiger (orange)
Panther (red)
Camel (gray)
Kangaroo (blue)

posted by Carolyn on 05.20.11 at 11:06 am

BREAKING NEWS: An original vintage Disneyland Toy Factory MOLD-A-RAMA machine, painstakingly preserved and restored in its original form, inside and out, is about to come online by MOLDVILLE. Please read the post on this website at:

Also, please visit the facebook page:

If enough interest is generated in this novel MOLD-A-RAMA idea, it WILL happen. And SOON!


posted by Moldville on 06.01.11 at 2:43 pm

Orlando Science Center Update – 7/19/11

4th floor machine outside of Dino room: Blue T-Rex

1st floor machine outside of Subway cafe: Red See-No-Evil/Hear-No-Evil/Speak-No-Evil monkey set

posted by Propchick on 07.19.11 at 1:41 pm

Nice site!

We just made two molds in the lower level of the Willis Tower — formerly the Sears Tower — after visiting the observation deck. One is a standing Lincoln in dark blue, the other is the Sears Tower in black.

posted by Dave Murray on 08.28.11 at 8:05 pm

About a year ago I got a yellow lion at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. It is downstairs by the bathrooms in the main cafe building.

posted by initramakdov on 09.01.11 at 3:09 pm

The toy store/art gallery Rotofugi in Chicago has a machine but they said they have no idea when their mold will be ready, the one they ordered from China didn’t work. I linked a picture of it.

posted by initramakdov on 09.02.11 at 7:21 pm

I’m looking for a mold a rama machine that’s working and the object i would like the machine to make is a battleship. I’ve seen the toy battleship it makes. It is The Battleship Texas. Thank you for letting me know where the machine is located.If someone has that mold i’m willing to purchase just the mold for right price. 10-13-2011

posted by Mike on 10.13.11 at 12:53 pm

Brookfield zoo has their Halloween MAR’s operational until Nov.1 They are, Frankenstein, Troll, Skull, Devil, Tiki head, and it seems like one more. They can tell you at the information booth.
The Skull machine would only take quarters, and the Troll machine would not inject enough plastic so the back of his head is pretty bad. They are aware of the problem and are trying to get it fixed.

posted by Joe5988 on 10.24.11 at 11:56 am

FYI – the Henry Ford Museum has temporarily switched out the black antique car for a “limited edition” mold called “Liberty.” Its a tableau of a Civil War soldier shooting a cannon, to commemorate the museum’s recent Civil War exhibit in cooperation with the National Archives (which included an antique cannon). Although the exhibit closed in September, the mold was still available last week, but I was told it will be switched back soon so if you’re in the area hurry over and pick one up!

posted by Scott on 10.30.11 at 11:03 pm

Anyone know if the Brookfield zoo in Chicago will be doing the holiday molds again this year?

posted by Jason on 12.02.11 at 12:23 am

I just came from the Brookfield zoo. Their holiday molds are an orange reindeer, red Santa, silver angel, and white snowman. Also, the green alligator mold was not working.

posted by Meghan on 12.04.11 at 7:16 pm

Last week I was a field trip chaperone for a middle school visit to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. The kids liked the zoo, and the big hit was searching for all the Moldorama machines. They were fascinated by the machines, which amazed me with all the high tech gadgets they are exposed to these days. They were using their phones to look up the history of the machines and came across this site. The zoo had several of the molds switched out for the holidays. If I remember correctly the holiday molds were Santa, standing angel, and reindeer. One kid was buying them to give as Christmas gifts. The panther mold was not working properly, and several students lost their two bucks. However, we discovered that the main gift shop keeps a stash of them under the counter just for this circumstance. Can’t wait to head up to Mote Aquarium and get the seahorse, very detailed.

posted by Melissa on 12.23.11 at 11:47 pm

Does anybody know of any changes in the chicago area molds? I heard a rumor the rotofugi one was getting close to completion.

posted by Judson Russell on 02.05.12 at 12:55 am

Was at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. They have a new Whale (dark blue) moldarama for their new whale exhibit. They also have the T-Rex(red), Stegosaurus(orange), and Brontosaurus(green). All located in the lower level near the the cafateria.

posted by Ken Kwilinski on 02.14.12 at 3:21 pm

I visited the Museum of Discovery & Science in Ft Lauderdale, FL today. They had a brown otter and according to an employee it’s the only machine they have anymore. It’s by the main entrance, in front of the concession stand, and before actual admittance to the museum so you don’t even have to buy a ticket. It was $2.

posted by initramakdov on 02.17.12 at 2:04 am

[...] To do my part I’ve started a public Google Map that lists some of the locations mentioned in a Waymarking Mold-a-rama category, and will be adding pins to it as I find out where other machines are currently located. Like from this list that  Mold-a-mania has for Current Mold-a-Rama Locations (last updated 9/2/2010)! [...]

Visited MOTE aquarium in Tampa today and they had a black penguin and a gray manatee MAR.

posted by Aila on 03.11.12 at 9:03 pm

Add Willis (Sears) Tower to your list. They have a Mold-A-Rama of the tower (black) in the lower level as you leave the SkyDeck.

posted by CJS on 03.19.12 at 7:46 pm

Last summer we went to the Milwaukee Zoo and there was a machine with a blue moose near the giraffe building.

posted by Paula Anderson on 05.08.12 at 1:18 pm

OKC Zoo has had all the mars removed :(

posted by Kiera on 06.01.12 at 1:41 am

I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL today (13th June 2012) and the blue cow has been replaced with an orange pig. The gorilla is still in the primate house, and all of the models at the MSI are still the same.

posted by Caroline on 06.13.12 at 3:08 pm

There are also Sears/Willis Tower and Abraham Lincoln molds at the Sears/Willis Tower (inside, near the gift shop) in Chicago, IL.

posted by Erica on 07.08.12 at 6:50 pm

Visited the Henry Ford Museum in Deerborn, Michigan on the 2nd of July. They must have moved the two machines from the Greenfield Village locations on the property over to the Ford Museum. All 10 machines were working as I purchased them for my collection.

posted by Gary Newgord on 07.10.12 at 9:06 am

Emailed Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, was told they still have all 4 machines but no longer being used

posted by Jason on 07.17.12 at 9:07 pm

Visited Brookfield Zoo, they now have a blue panther and red 3 monkeys available

posted by Jason on 07.17.12 at 9:07 pm

Need to add one to your list – there is a white polar bear mold-o-rama figure now available at Brookfield Zoo in IL

posted by Joe Birren on 07.30.12 at 10:00 am

Milwaukee Zoo has a green alligator outside the reptile house.

posted by Kristie on 08.11.12 at 5:06 pm

There is a new page on Facebook where you can discuss current MAR locations, molds, and prices:!/MoldARamaLocations
Come join us!

posted by Mold-A-Rama Locations on 08.20.12 at 4:06 pm

Visited Pacific Science Center in Seattle. The machine on the same floor as the entrance was out of order. There are other machines in the building. The upstairs machine dispensed a cool green mold of the state of WA commemorating a World’s Fair. Very cool!

posted by Jay on 09.11.12 at 5:19 pm

I went to the Field Museum today, downstairs they had a light blue Triceratops in addition to the red T-Rex, green Brontosaurus and orange stegosaurus they had when I visited a year ago. I guess the whale mold is gone. I also got the figure from Rotofugi but you can order one from their website.

posted by Josh on 09.20.12 at 7:43 am

[...] with tourist sites and souvenir shops, but I had never seen anything like a Mold-A-Rama machine. I looked them up and saw there’s hardly any close by. I gave up on the idea for awhile since I didn’t think I’d be travelling to any of [...]

HI – just wanted to let you know that I contacted the Oklahoma City Zoo and was told they no longer have the mold-a-rama machines.

posted by Rosemarie on 09.27.12 at 2:06 pm

Are the Halloween molds available at the Brookfield zoo now?

posted by Jason on 10.09.12 at 6:40 pm

Just got home from a great weekend in Chicago. My Girlfriend and I used the Chicago CityPass (Highly recomended deal to see all of Chicagos attractions) and we came home with 11 perfect MARS. We got:
Willis (Sears) Tower- Full Figure Abe Lincoln (Blue) Willis Tower (Black)
Lincoln Park Zoo- Gorilla (Green) Pig (Orange) The Cafe closed at 2 so we missed the lion.
Still Mad about this because we were there all day and waited till 230 to get lunch.
Field Museum- Apotsaurus(Green) T-Rex (Red) Stegosauraus (Orange)
The Triceratops machine was broken with blue wax all over the mold and platform.
Museum Of Science and Industry U505 Submarine (Grey) Tractor (Green) Space shuttle (White) Train (Black)
I also have the Three Monkeys (Brown) and Gorilla (Black) From Monkey Jungle in Miami, FL. Where the Humans are Caged and the Animals Run free! a great place, highly recomended.
I will be going to the Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn MI) this holiday season, so if anyone is interested in trading MARS i would be very interested. Thanks and Happy Hunting.

posted by MARSMurphy on 11.19.12 at 10:51 pm

I’m heading to Orlando/Tampa Dec 1 for a quick vacation. Does anyone have a list of which Mold-A-Ramas are at Busch Gardens and does Wonder Works still have a machine? Many thanks in advance.

posted by Jim on 11.23.12 at 11:35 am

Hi! In Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida there’re 2 machines!

posted by Alicia on 12.02.12 at 5:26 pm

Brookfield Zoo has their Christmas M-A-R’s out:

Red Santa
White Snowman
Orange Reindeer
Pink Angel

The quality of plastic was not too high; both my snowman and Santa Claus had sections of black plastic, and the angel is very thin plastic. But I guess that’s par for the course!

posted by Jedediah the GyroCaptain on 12.13.12 at 3:15 pm

There were two or three mermaid mold-a-ramas at Weeki Wachee Springs in Weeki Wachee, Florida.

posted by Lauren Walter on 12.18.12 at 4:11 pm

[...] Check. Packable? Check. Better than a gummy bear in your likeness? You decide. Here's a list of Mold-a-Rama locations. Do you have Mold-a-Rama memories from childhood? [Photo credits: Craft*ology and Sarabeephoto via [...]

[...] Cheap? Check. Packable? Check. Better than a gummy bear in your likeness? You decide. Here’s a list of Mold-a-Rama locations. [...]

[...] Cheap? Check. Packable? Check. Better than a gummy bear in your likeness? You decide. Here’s a list of Mold-a-Rama locations. [...]

I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL last week. There are 3 MAR’s there, a red space shuttle, a blue T-Rex and and orange space capsule.

posted by Josh on 05.04.13 at 11:54 pm

Was at Weekie Wachee today 5/24/13, One machine with the girl on seahorse works fine. Green plastic. The mermaid one was down out of order. Looks like it uses blue plastic. Too bad the mermaid one is down.

posted by Ken Kwilinski on 05.24.13 at 11:02 pm

There’s one at Third Man Records in Nashville TN: red electric guitar.
Anyone know of any in the tri-state area?

posted by Flup on 06.03.13 at 1:49 am

Visited Pacific Science Center at the end of May – all the Moldarama machines were gone,
I asked a docent, they said yes, they were removed because they broke down so much. Too bad.

posted by Rich Gough on 06.27.13 at 11:35 pm

Went to Central Florida Zoo today. They had 5 machines. A rhino was out of order, a cougar was out of order, an orange tiger, green monkeys and a purple river otter.

posted by Chris on 07.04.13 at 9:04 pm

The machines at the Orlando Science Center appear to have been pulled. Couldn’t find them. :(

posted by Chris on 07.04.13 at 9:05 pm

The Oklahoma City Zoo has removed their machines.

posted by Dylan on 07.15.13 at 1:17 pm

The MAR at WonderWorks in Orlando has been moved to the lobby, so it’s now accessible without paying admission. It’s currently still a grey F-16 for $2.

posted by propchick on 07.28.13 at 4:39 pm

Anyone want to trade MARS? I’m in the chicago region and can get to the Zoos and Museum.

posted by Tom on 08.07.13 at 10:24 am

Okc please bring back the machines.
This stinks

posted by Pete rose on 11.11.13 at 10:33 pm

[...] good news? While you can’t find them along the turnpike anymore, they do still exist. Mold-A-Mania is a website dedicated to our favorite wax creatures. They have a listing of current sightings [...]

I’m not far from Madison, GA. The website says they are closed, but if the machine is still there (and I can get to it), I’m willing to trade for any of the others, especially ones not in Florida (planning a road trip for those lol).

posted by Rhonda Patterson on 01.13.14 at 9:46 am

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison GA closed in 2013 and sold all their cars.

posted by Ed Duchek on 03.11.14 at 5:50 pm

Gatorland still has its two machines. The white gator is just inside the entrance near the Gator Jumparoo show area. The black gator wrestling machine is back by the gator wrestling show area, but was not working today. There was no out-of-order sign, it just doesn’t seem to be plugged in. Be aware that several employees I asked told me that there were “numerous” machines and that I would just have to find them for myself. There really are only the two, so don’t waste your time looking for others.

posted by propchick on 05.16.14 at 2:26 pm

On this website’s news page, it says that the Grey/silver eagle has replaced the polar bear and the polar bear is not mentioned in the current locations. That is not true. I bought both of them today. Thought you might like to know.

posted by Scott on 05.25.14 at 2:01 am

The Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, in Chicago has two machines. One makes a black tower and the other makes a blue Abe Lincoln figure.

posted by Sandy on 06.24.14 at 10:18 am

The Milwaukee zoo no longer has the dinosaurs. In addition to the non-dinosaur list above, they now have:
silver shark
blue panther
light purple moose
brown kangaroo
green alligator

A couple locations on the zoo’s map are slightly inaccurate. The shark is tucked away on the east side of the primate building, across from Macaque Island where the map shows it to be. The blue panther is inside the wolf trail building, not outside along the trail itself.

posted by W.A. on 08.11.14 at 8:30 pm

Does anyone know of online lists of non-MAR machines? I was recently at the Toledo (OH) Zoo, which has ten Mold-A-Matic machines.

posted by Eric on 08.20.14 at 5:17 pm

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